Confidently Recruit, Interview and Hire the Right Person

It is imperative to your organization’s success that your staff can perform not only high quality interviewing, but find and hire the person who will fit within your organizational culture. Most interview and hire workshops focus on recruiting, interview skills and onboarding, but our workshop goes a step further to give your hiring staff the tools to bring someone on board who will mesh with your employees, managers and organizational way of life.

Course Description

This course covers the interviewing and hiring process in six steps:

  1. Understanding the organization’s culture
  2. Conducting a job analysis
  3. Developing behavior-based interview questions
  4. Recruitment strategies
  5. Interviewing and selection
  6. Onboarding

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Avoid hiring mistakes
  • Describe their organizational culture
  • Hire individuals that fit within the organization’s culture
  • Conduct a thorough job analysis
  • Write effective job descriptions and job postings
  • Develop behavior-based interview questions and selection standards
  • Determine innovative recruiting strategies
  • Write behavior-based interview questions that get at the heart of desired skills for a position
  • Prepare for the interview and conduct effective, goal-directed, and consistent interviews
  • Understand and comply with legal guidelines for interviewing, background checks and assessments
  • Screen applicants
  • Make the job offer
  • Create an onboarding program that creates the opportunity for new hires to make more meaningful contributions more quickly

This course is highly interactive, and includes a workbook, activities, discussions and assessments.

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