Manage Conflict in a Healthy and Constructive Way

Conflict is a normal part of life – and contrary to the belief that conflict is a negative experience – it should be healthy and a positive source of relationship building. Constructive conflict provides opportunities for us to grow as individuals and strengthen relationships while handling conflict poorly can tear relationships apart. This course will dig deep into how and why conflict happens, conflict styles, and most importantly, how to resolve conflict amicably.

Course Description

This course covers a variety of topics, including the benefits of conflict and handling it successfully, where we learn how to handle conflict, active listening, solution-oriented language, conflict styles and handling emotions during conflict.

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Define conflict, the principles of conflict, and the benefits of conflict
  • Understand the causes of conflict
  • Develop effective listening skills so that positive solutions can be found when conflict arises
  • Recognize behaviors that fuel unproductive conflict in order to avoid them
  • Clearly articulate their own needs when in conflict in order to offer positive solutions
  • Maintain professional communication during conflict and otherwise
  • Describe their own conflict management style and develop an action plan to improve it
  • Control their own emotions during conflict and assist conflict partners in doing the same
  • Openly discuss conflict situations with co-workers in order to address and resolve them
  • Evaluate when to exit conflict that takes place on social media
  • Manage conflict in a healthy, constructive way in both their personal and professional lives

This course is highly interactive, and includes a workbook, activities, discussions and assessments.

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