Eliminate Roadblocks to Relationship-Building

Miscommunication and opposing points of view are part of the workplace and part of life in general. Though we often treat it as a passive process, and we just sort of do it, communication is an active process that requires our entire body and attention, especially to do it effectively. It is essential to learn about and respect perspectives that differ from our own; these days personal effectiveness requires skill in communicating well with a range of people. This course covers the basics of human communication, or interpersonal communication, in order to make your employees, supervisors, managers and leaders better at building relationships with one another and with customers.

Course Description

Having taught interpersonal communication courses at a university for over a decade, this course covers all facets of human communication, including:

  • A model of how communication works and why it’s so complicated
  • Self-awareness and perception
  • The lost art of listening
  • Language that creates positive communication climates
  • Communication with nonverbal cues, including appearance, time, eye contact, body language and more
  • Emotions
  • Group dynamics and team work
  • Conflict management
  • Communication online (e.g., social media, email, etc)

Each section offers interactive discussion and relevant, practical information for communication effectiveness in the workplace and at home.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Build positive and healthy relationships with co-workers, managers and customers
  • Build collaboration and respect among peers
  • Provide better internal and external customer service through demonstrating active listening skills
  • Define their own perceptions and judgments and understand how they can prevent effective communication
  • Use language that builds a positive workplace
  • Understand the power of nonverbal communication
  • Overcome misunderstandings and miscommunication with professionalism
  • Eliminate roadblocks that prevent effective communication
  • Rise above emotions during conflict in order to resolve conflict amicably
  • Get their ideas heard through delivery in an assertive and persuasive manner
  • Maintain a positive and professional image online and in email communications
  • Communicate in ways that are respectful, positive and civil

This course is highly interactive, and includes a workbook, activities, discussions and assessments.

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