Civility Partners offers a variety of civility consulting services in order to effectively eradicate workplace bullying and create a positive workplace. We follow a proven process that will solve your bullying problem, guaranteed.

Prevalence Audit 

A great place to start is at the beginning. A culture assessment will provide more detailed information about the bullying. It also serves as a benchmark for measuring success of training programs and other strategies. And, we usually find other areas we can focus on for ending workplace bullying and creating a civil work environment.

Added bonus: The survey provides the ability to make a business case for ending workplace bullying to your leaders, or to managers during their training. Often managers need to be sold on the idea that there’s a problem before they are willing to implement solutions – making survey data important for getting managers on board with behavior change.

Corporate Policy Implementation

During the training programs, attendees will brainstorm a list of behaviors they would like to see from one another (i.e., “ground rules”). The behaviors can be added to a healthy workplace corporate policy, and this exercise helps you gain buy-in on the policy.

Culture Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation

This piece is at the heart of civility consulting. During a three-hour strategic planning meeting, we will help you unwrap your organization’s corporate values and how to push them into the pillar of your day-to-day organizational life. Half training and half strategic planning, meeting attendees (i.e., leaders and managers) will be able to define culture and how it affects their ways of thinking and behaving, immediately implement specific tools to ensure your corporate values come alive, work with employees to implement action items that will ignite a positive culture, and manage the impact culture change will have on employees.

At the end of this meeting, you will have the beginnings of a strategic plan with clear and tangible action items tied to your values and that will push your culture forward.

Ongoing Manager Strategy Meetings

Your managers may need ongoing assistance in pushing forward the strategic plan for civility. We will meet with your managers once per month for a period of six months to facilitate conversations about what’s working, what’s not working, and how to push forward on building a positive culture.

Leadership Coaching for Culture Change

Your goal is to make real change, and we can ensure that happens through three coaching sessions with the CEO, HR Department, and other key organizational champions. This leadership team should be made up of five to eight people.

Through coaching we will help you develop a social vision, create a values-based culture that will not allow bullying to thrive, develop action items to add to your strategic plan, and implement and promote a healthy workplace policy.

Performance Management

Some believe bullying is really about poor performers who simply don’t like being told their performance is below standard. Sometimes it might be, but many times it is not. If you want to get rid of the mystery we will review (audit, really) your performance management system. We will ensure your managers are setting clear expectations, coaching performance and behavior, and having regularly scheduled performance conversations. We also want to be sure your employees are being measured against their ability to live the corporate values.

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